My eclectic gathering of (mostly free) web and mobile apps


ERT, depth of investigation for Electrical Resistivity measurements, by Federico Fischanger.

Awesome apps by Agile Geoscience for Geophysical, volumetric, and probabilistic modelling for Petroleum Geoscientists.

Epicentral+, an iPad app by CJ Ammn for monitoring near real time seismic data from the global seismic network.

Seismometer, by Yellowagents. So far the best (out of 3) iPhone seismograph app I’ve tried. Has 3-component option and export capabilities.

Seismograph alpha, by Calvico. Android seismograph with 3-component recording and export capabilities.

Geology, Cartography, and Mapping

EarthViewer, By Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Plate tectonics on the iPad!

EarthObserver by Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University.

Of course, Google Earth.

iGeology and iGeology 3D from British Geological Survey.

US GIS geologic apps by Integrity Logic.

Recce 3D maps: London, NYC, San Francisco.

Planetary Science

NASA’s Lunar Electric Rover Simulator for iPhone.

NASA’s Be a Martian.

NASA’s International Space Station Live, and many more!

Visualization and color

Color – a beautiful color matching game.

DanKam: to correct photos for Color Blindness (on the fly).

Image Processing

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