Welcome to MyCarta!

Hi everyone and welcome. As I mention in the blog header and in my about page, this is Matteo Niccoli’s blog of Topics in Geophysics, Planetary Exploration, Image Processing, Digital Cartography, and Visualization.


My goal would be, once established a stable readership, to publish original material at least once a month. Posts will be generally in the form of either tutorials or case studies, often with data and results made available. Although this is not strictly a programming blog I will frequently work in Python or Matlab and share my code.

I plan to publish a number of post series covering topics in the following areas:

– Image processing and analysis

– Perceptually improved colormaps for data visualization

– Geophysical and petrophysical modeling

– Visualization tips for geoscientists

– Geophysics of impact craters

– Semiautomatic filtering of acquisition footprint in seismic data and in digital images (moiré pattern)

– Exploration gravity – data acquisition and processing

– Exploration gravity – data enhancement and interpretation


I will welcome submissions from readers, with probably one or two calls for submissions a year. You write the piece, I take care of publishing and promoting it. When ready for new submissions I will activate a submission page. Initially I will rely solely on my judgment to select the right pieces. Essentially, if the material is well written, interesting for the blog audience, and original, I will publish it, although I reserve the right to edit it or request additional work, and I will split the content if lenghty. Over time, depending obviously on the success of the blog, I would like this to become a peer-reviewed venue with a panel of editors/reviewers on staff. Please notice however that I am not looking for pure research submissions but rather pieces that can be read and enjoyed by a diverse audience, not just specialists.
Contributions are on a voluntary basis, with no monetary compensation.


Finally, when time permits, I will post reviews and news on software, resources, books, technology. Planned topics currently include

– Visualizing Plate Tectonics

– Moon and Mars exploration

– Geology in photos and diagrams

So welcome to MyCarta!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to MyCarta!

  1. Hi Matteo

    Looks good! I guess the big unknown is what sort of response you’ll get.


    • Thanks for your comment Oliver.
      That is always the big unknown. It will take a number of posts with really good content, hard work to get traffic, and at least 6 months of watching and crossing fingers before I’ll know.

  2. Hi Matteo:

    Very interesting posts.
    I have been into Digital Signal Processing. Really like the clarity with which the analysis is done.
    When there is so much data bringing out the important feature is something which is very important.
    And about applying skills in various domains! I am a fan of that! Someday you relate everything and come up with a creative solution to a problem!

    Finally to comment about your blog: There is a lot to learn from your blog not just about DSP, MATLAB Programming, but blog structure too!


  3. Thanks for the feedback Chetan
    About blogging, it’s fun. I started building this just a couple of months ago, worpress is great for it

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