Our Earth truly is art

NASA has published a number of really good e-books on planetary science. Typically, each time I stumbled on one, I added a link on my Books page, but I could not skip writing about the latest one, which I discovered thanks to this post on FlowingData. It’s called Earth as Art, and it’s a fantastic book!

The pictures in this book are truly marvellous, and a thing of art. Here are my three favourites – I am so mesmerised by them I can’t stop looking (particularly the Ugab River one).

Enjoy. Check the book, and let me know which ones you like.


Von Kármán Vortices, Southern Pacific Ocean


Ugab River, Namibia


Shoemaker Crater, Australia

3 thoughts on “Our Earth truly is art

  1. If you like the river image, just spin the Google earth around and look at all the scarring the earth has endured in its lifetime. There is probably a lot of history that can be reconstructed from these scars. Ron Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2013 21:34:48 +0000 To: ron_despain@hotmail.com

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