Beautiful Geology from space

In my post Our Earth truly is art I talked about Earth as Art, NASA’s  e-book collection of wonderful satellite images of our planet, and posted my top 3 picks.

In NASA’s Perpetual Ocean animation I talk about a beautiful convergence of maps and art: The Turbulence of Van Gogh and the Labrador Shelf Current, and NASA’s Perpetual Ocean animation.

Here’s another gem: Van Gogh from Space Landsat 7 Acquired 7/13/2005, winner of NASA’s public contest to select the Top Five ‘Earth as Art’ Winners


7 thoughts on “Beautiful Geology from space

    • Hi Sarah

      Yes, it is a great picture, and I love the similarities with Starry Night. However, do check my other post or NASA’s e-book, as there are many other photos that are by far more stunning.

  1. In my spare time I often look at interesting parts of the earth’s surface just using Google maps. A while back I had reconnected with classmates from elementary school in Nairobi. One is now an artist in NZ, and had been commissioned to do some kind of fabric pieces for a UN conference on the environment (??) and long story short, I emailed her a few screen captures from Google earth, and she used those to inspire the art pieces – sand dunes, braided streams, etc. The earth from above is really amazing!

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