10-year anniversary

July 15th, 2022

Dear readers:

I started writing this blog 10 years ago and it is to date one of the things I am the most proud of.

This is a big milestone for me, so I would like to begin with thanking all the people that encouraged me at the beginning, and in particular, for their valiant support and feedback: Matt Hall, Evan Bianco, Oliver Kuhn, Steve Lynch, and last but not least my life partner Rebecca.

A lot of the work I did in the first couple of years was on furthering my understanding, and sharing that with others, of the use of colours in scientific visualization, and how to use better colormaps, for example Perceptual rainbow palette, part a and part b.

I am grateful I achieved those knowledge-sharing goals:

  • The material is referenced in the matplotlib documentation
  • The blog has often been used as reference in talks and other publications on colormaps, beginning with this classic matplotlib talk given by Kristen Thyng at scipy 2014
  • I was thrilled to have received positive feedback on my work by Bernice Rogovitz, someone I hold in very high esteem
  • Some of that work on the blog resulted in being invited by Matt Hall to write a tutorial for The Leading Edge (SEG). The tutorial came with a Jupyter notebook demonstrating how to evaluate default colour maps and favour more perceptual alternatives
  • I am particularly proud to see that the article is still ranking in the top 20 most downloaded papers from The Leading Edge (between 2010-2020)
  • Additionally, the two blog post are to date top results for the #google search “perceptual rainbow” and “perceptual palette images

Ultimately, I am very happy to have created a space for sharing and exchanging ideas freely.

So, to celebrate these 10 years of MyCarta, I treated it to a new domain, mycartablog.com (but the old domain, and links still work) and a brand new look (it took me a while to get there but I like it a lot) with a theme that should now be responsive for all devices (welcome to the new era Matteo!).

I will also soon publish a short series of short but sweet new posts on colormaps and visualization (and republish on linkedin).

Thank you all for sharing this journey!