52 Things You Should Know About Geophysics

Matt Hall and Evan Bianco of Agile Geoscience have put together this great new book. I have been fortunate to have my article on colourmaps included as one of the 52 essays in the book. You can order the book directly from Agile’s publishing company Agile Libre:


or you can order it on Amazon. For a look inside it, check here!

Color Use Guidelines for Mapping and Visualization

I find the Color Use Guidelines by Cynthia Brewer (of Color Brewer fame) very well done and extremely useful. Below is a screen captures of the main page. To see an explanation of and example for each color scheme visit the interactive guidelines.

An iPhone and Android App to “correct” for Color Blindness


Just posted a tweet yesterday on this great iPhone and Android App to correct for Color Vision Deficiency:

And here’s a screen capture:

colour maps

The perfect lead into my series on perceptual color palettes. Great post!

The original article on the Guardian is here. And here is the conversation that lead to improved map, as put together on Storify.

I thought it’d be interesting to run a simulation of what the map would actually look lie to viewers with the 3 types of color deficient vision. Below are my results for the first map. It is obvious from this simulation that while the map is OK for Tritanope viewers, the green and red areas are very confusing for Protanope and Deuteranope viewers.

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