NASA Worldview satellite image browser adopts MyCarta perceptual rainbow

I was thrilled this week to learn from Ryan Boller that his team at NASA’s ESDIS Project included MyCarta’s perceptual rainbow (the CubicYF) as one of the palettes for the Worldview satellite imagery browser.

If you’d like to try it, once on the viewer you can load an overlay and then you can choose from among several color palettes. The perceptual rainbow palette is listed here as “Rainbow 2”.

I am including below an example using the Land surface temperature for April 13 2013 from MODIS Aqua mission:


This is really exciting news as NASA’s adoption will increase the palette’s exposure and its chances of becoming more mainstream. This is also as close as I will ever get to realizing my childhood dream of becoming an astronaut. Thanks ESDIS, and thanks Ryan, on both accounts.

7 thoughts on “NASA Worldview satellite image browser adopts MyCarta perceptual rainbow

  1. Congratulations, Matteo! That’s great news. Have any subsurface software developers picked it up yet?

    And I hadn’t seen the latest iteration of Worldview, so thanks for that tip.

  2. Great work Matteo!
    We have reviewed your color palettes at SeisWare and they can easily be incorporated into any of our user’s projects

    • Hi James
      Do you mean you could add them as optional SeisWare’s color palettes?
      You are certainly free to do so. These are free for all to use, for any purpose.

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